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The Synthetic System

The Synthetic System

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About the system:

Introducing The Synthetic System TSSV3+ Ultimate EA: Your Guide to Trading Success.

Welcome to the world of trading with The Synthetic System TSSV3+ Ultimate EA, a powerful tool designed specifically for traders on the Deriv platform. Whether you’re a seasoned trader or just starting out, this EA is your ultimate companion for navigating the exciting world of synthetic markets, including the Boom 1000 Index, Crash 1000 Index, Step Index, and Volatility 75 Index.

Understanding the Key Components:

1. Market Focus:

The TSSV3+ Ultimate EA is tailored to excel in the synthetic markets, where fast-paced trading and volatility are the norm.

2. Trading Indicators:

This EA leverages the power of four essential trading indicators to make informed trading decisions:
Bollinger Bands Indicator: This indicator helps identify trends and market activity, enabling the EA to initiate trades when favorable conditions are detected.

Parabolic SAR (Stop and Reverse): The Parabolic SAR indicator is used in both the second and third trading strategies. It assists in determining trend direction and serves as a critical filter for trade entries and exits.

20 and 30 Moving Averages: These moving averages are utilized in the second and third trading strategies. They provide valuable insights into market trends, helping the EA spot potential entry points.

Average True Range (ATR):** ATR plays a crucial role in risk management. It calculates the Stop Loss for the first strategy and sets Take Profit levels for all strategies. Additionally, it continuously monitors market activity to adapt to changing conditions.

3. Trading Strategies:

The TSSV3+ Ultimate EA employs three distinct trading strategies:
Bollinger Band Strategy: This strategy focuses on trend-based trading, making decisions based on Bollinger Bands and market activity.
Parabolic SAR Strategy: The second and third strategies utilize the Parabolic SAR indicator in conjunction with other indicators like moving averages to identify trading opportunities.

4. Risk Management:

To ensure prudent risk management, the EA calculates Stop Loss levels for the first strategy and establishes Profit levels for all strategies. The Parabolic SAR also acts as a reliable trend filter and assists in calculating Trailing Stop Loss levels.

5. Position Sizing:

The EA uses fixed adjustable trading volume and positions, allowing you to customize your trading strategy to match your risk tolerance and goals.

6. Customization:

One of the strengths of the TSSV3+ Ultimate EA is its flexibility. All indicator parameters can be adjusted to align with your unique trading style and objectives.
In conclusion, The Synthetic System TSSV3+ Ultimate EA is a powerful tool that empowers traders to navigate the synthetic markets with confidence. With its combination of cutting-edge indicators, adaptable strategies, and robust risk management, this EA is designed to help traders achieve their trading goals. Whether you’re a day trader or a long-term investor, this guide and the TSSV3+ Ultimate EA will be valuable assets on your trading journey.

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